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Top conditions, a top salary and extensive health services are not a contradiction for a lived work-life balance.

4 days week and an XXL weekend inclusive

Sebastian Duske

Helmut Renner

Marvin Kolb

Top conditions and a top salary are not a contradiction for a lived work-life balance

"I could not imagine anything better than to be a boss of my own small company"


With this sentence everything started and that Sebastian Duske already knew very early.


The small but well-led and structured master company, has been a fixed starting point for its numerous customers for many years.


Through the euphoria lived by Sebastian Duske to this profession, he does not find it difficult to take his employees completely and the day after day.


As a freedom-loving person, Sebastian spent 1.5 years in Oceania and these freedom experienced there should also be able to experience his employees here.


Due to the perfectly planned projects, it is not a problem if colleagues want to have spontaneously free and that at a 36 hour week!


Since the family, the friends and the hobby will never come too short.


You work 4 days and free 4 days in a piece and that with full payout. We call this lived work-life balance.


In addition, you get 30 days holidays a year. You want to drive 4 weeks in the move in the holidays? No problem. This is made possible.


You need medical support and wait months on a specialist appointment? For me you will be treated like a private patient!


Because you will receive an annual 1500 Euro health bonus at leisure!


But that's not all, every morning when Sebastian goes to the construction site, he brings his employees Bretzeln and coffee. So the day starts very well.


With him you get your own company vehicle, a top equipped VW Caddy with the most modern tools on board.


Of course, you also get a stylish company clothing.


Are you like mobile on the way? That too is a matter of course for him, because you get a current mobile phone (Caterpillar) with free SIM card.


Despite everything, the further education is not too short, because this takes place directly from the manufacturers and thus this is a funny, but instructive day trip.

If you want to climb the career ladder to make your master test, you will be supported.


If you also belong to this small but welded team where the work is fun, you can independently bring yourself in everything where the boss knows you with name and always has an open ear for the wishes and concerns of his staff, then Send me your application or just call me.

I am reachable from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at this number, 077 32 - 601 05 63.


I am very happy to hear from you


Sebastian Duske


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